Injection Molder Cuts Downtime 60% and Lowers Purging Costs 49% Switching to Dyna-Purge® K.


Located in Pirassununga, SP, Brazil, Costaplastic manufactures plastic covers for cosmetics and personal hygiene products, and caps for food and beverages. The company operates 43 injection molding machines, including Netstal, Sandretto, Romi, and Husky models with capacities from 180 to 600 tons, processing polyethylene and polypropylene at temperatures ranging from 175°C to 315°C (347°F to 599°F). Although Costaplastic was already using various commercial purging agents, it was a constant challenge to keep purging costs low enough to maintain competitive pricing for its customers. Furthermore, to keep the machines properly cleaned to guarantee high quality products, purging time averaged 100 minutes – more than 1-1/2 hours.


Upon consultation with Ademar Roman of Central de Embalagens, Costaplastic tested Dyna-Purge K, a specialized thermoplastic purging compound designed to purge low-melt resins from injection molding machines at processing temperatures from 160°C to 302°C (320°F to 576°F). Central de Embalagens is the authorized distributor of Dyna-Purge in Brazil.


  • Dyna-Purge proved to be superior to other commercial purging products, cleaning the injection molding machines thoroughly in only 40 minutes – a 60% reduction in downtime.
  • Overall purging costs were reduced 49% using Dyna-Purge.
  • Lowering purging cost helps Costaplastic and its customers to retain their competitive edge.
Dyna-Purge Reduces Downtime
Processing polyethylene and polypropylene, Costaplastic produces injection-molded caps and covers for a wide range of products. After trying other commercial purging compounds, the company switched to Dyna-Purge K, an engineered purging compound, and reduced downtime by 60%.
Dyna-Purge K Cleans Thoroughly
Staying competitive means that Costaplastic needs to purge its 43 injection molding machines economically yet thoroughly to maintain the high quality of its products. Dyna-Purge K cleans thoroughly on the first pass and has lowered purging costs by 49% for Costaplastic.