Injection molder saves over $189,000 annually with Dyna-Purge® A.


Founded 75 years ago, Winchester Interconnect is the leading supplier of custom engineered interconnect solutions to the world market. Its well respected brands include: Bomar, Continental and Win Products which are familiar to markets such as data, energy, medical, military, rail and industrial automation among others.

Winchester prides itself highly on its ability to deliver customized solutions with speed, for its valued customers. Delivering on that promise creates a challenge for their injection molding business where pre-colored TPU connector over-molding is in high demand. Frequent color changes were severely impacting productivity.

Mr. Hunter Canterbury, Quality Assurance, took on the challenge to find a better product and procedure for their daily purging routine. With two 70 ton Autojector molding machines and three (or more) color changes daily, their scrap polyurethane and lost production time were accumulating fast. Hunter reached out to partner with Dyna-Purge, for a solution.


Trials were run using Dyna-Purge A “hybrid technology” purging compound versus purging with their prime TPU resin.


  • Reduced wasted TPU formerly used for purging – noting a 55% recovery of prime resin.
  • Recovered 780 production hours with improved purging method – a 65% improvement.
  • Reduced scrap generation – over 75% improvement.
  • Estimated annual savings to exceed $189,000.
Dyna-Purge D2 Helps Molex Reduce Time and Scrap
The team at Winchester Interconnect performed successful purging trials for TPU using Dyna-Purge A.
Molex Uses Dyna-Purge D2 to Reduce Downtime
Winchester Interconnect produces a variety of TPU over-molded ruggedized connectors.