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Designed for Profile, Sheet, Blown & Cast Film

DYNA-PURGE SF is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound with a proprietary additive, which allows the purge to expand and scrub the screw and barrel, die, and other downstream equipment. The material is designed for extruders and co-extruders that have limited clearances related to screenpacks, mixing or metering devices, etc., when processing profile, sheet, blown and cast film.

Features & Benefits of Dyna-Purge® SF

  • Excellent for color changes, resin changes, preventative machine maintenance, and before manual cleaning
  • Ideal for use when screen packs can’t be removed from the extruder, when the die head has clearance of less than .025 inch (.65 mm), or for when there are metering and mixing devices
  • Effective through a wide temperature range 320°F-575°F (160°C-302°C)
  • Easy to use — no process adjustment necessary — use at the resident resin processing temperature and RPM speed
  • Non-abrasive thermoplastic, which thoroughly loosens carbonized and degraded resin, allowing it to be flushed out of the system
  • Safe, non-hazardous, with no chemicals — ingredients are FDA compliant
  • Heat stable — recommended during shutdown and start-up
  • Low “cost-per-purge” — only small quantity needed to be effective
  • No mixing required — simply use “as is”
  • Unlimited shelf life

Dyna-Purge has been the top performing purging compound for over 35 years! Our product line offers superior cleaning and economic value over in-house methods and other commercial purges. We invite you to sample Dyna-Purge at no charge, so you can prove it to yourself.

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