Dyna-Purge® L

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NEW “Dual action” low viscosity formula designed for stack and high cavitation molds, and when automation requires moldable purge.

DYNA-PURGE L is a high-performance, engineered grade incorporating our exclusive ‘3X’ technology. This dynamic product acts on the process boundary layers as well as negative flow and stagnation points. Its unique formula allows it to safely remove resin, color, carbon, additives and impurities without abrasives or chemicals.

  • Applications: Injection – cold and hot runners Extrusion – profile, sheet, blown & cast film, compounding, and blow molding
  • Temperature Range: 280º F – 625º F (138º C – 329º C)
  • Types of Resins: All
  • Minimum Clearance: None
  • Amount of Purge: 1 to 2 times barrel capacity (actual amount needed depends upon machine conditions)

Features and Benefits of Dyna-Purge® L

  • Designed for quick color changes, resin changes, preventative machine maintenance and prior to manual cleaning
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to use- no process adjustment, no mixing or soaking required
  • Safe, non-hazardous ingredients are FDA compliant
  • Heat stable- recommended during shutdown and start-up
  • Economical- low “cost-per-purge”- small quantity needed to be effective
  • Designed for easy post-purging- low residue formula enables quick color change
  • Unlimited shelf life

For over 35 years, Dyna-Purge has delivered superior cleaning and economic value over in-house methods and other commercial products.

We invite you to sample Dyna-Purge at no-charge, and start saving today!

Please refer to “Suggested Purging Procedures” for processing information and “Product Selection Guide” for additional products.

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