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Scientific Molding for Management: Principles, Benefits, and Implementation Strategies for Scientific Molding at Your Facility

Routsis Training  Join Andy Routsis, President of Routsis Training, as he demystifies Scientific Molding and explains why it is an integral part to the future of the injection molding industry.  You will understand that there is an easy to follow scientific system behind building a reliable molding process.  Andy will explain proven strategies behind implementing such a system in any molding facility. In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The Principles behind Scientific Molding
  • 5 Challenges Molders Face during Implementation
  • How to get All Your Employees to use Scientific Molding (Yes, all your technicians can participate)
  • The 7 Steps to Effective Scientific Troubleshooting (The Quick & Confident Way)
  • Industry Best Methods for Teaching Scientific Molding Skills to Your Technicians


Lowering Scrap Rates From The Processors Point of View

Paulson Training Programs, Inc.  As most processors know, scrap rates can make or break the profitability on any given job. Fortunately, scrap rates are largely under the control of the processor, which means scrap rates can be dramatically reduced. Some of the fixes are quick temporary fixes, others are long-term fixes that involve changing the way the processor approaches every new job. Both fixes should be available in your “toolbox” when the need arises. At the end of the Webinar you should have a basic framework for how to approach your scrap rates and how to set up systems that assure minimal scrap rates in the future.

3D Printing Workshop – Presented by 3Dom USA and sponsored by Dyna-Purge

3dom_logo 3D printing is not only about the machines that produce parts and prototypes, but also the materials used to create objects. John Schneider from 3Dom USA will walk through the different materials available today, focusing on those used in FDM-style 3D printers such as the desktop sized MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. John will briefly touch on the pros and cons of different photopolymers used in SLA & MJP 3D printing processes, as well as the polymers and metals used in SLS printing processes. A brief overview on 3D printing (known as Additive Manufacturing) will also be given.

“From the Boardroom to the Shop Floor: Answers to your top questions.”

We asked our customers, “What are the biggest challenges confronting your business today?” The majority of responses led to our announcing a four-part webinar series, “From the Boardroom to the Shop Floor: Answers to your top questions.” We assembled the best speakers in their respective categories and welcome you to view these webinars.

Cleaning Up The Problem

What to do when experiencing color streaking, degradation and contamination. Nancy Mitchell, Technical Product Manager at Dyna-Purge®, wants you to stop purging and start planning. Nancy will share with you what the most common problems are for molders when purging and how proper planning is the key to success.

Surround Yourself With Success

Surround Yourself with Success

How to find and keep the right people in the plastics industry! Presenter: Dr. Russ Riendeau View Webinar

Making Permanent Sustainable Change Through Training

Making Permanent Sustainable Change Through Training

A better way to develop talented techs.   Presenter: Andy Routsis   View Webinar

Proper Planning in Screw/Barrel Design Will Improve Profits

Proper Planning in Screw/Barrel Design Will Improve Profits

A better way to develop talented techs.   Presenter: Andy Routsis   View Webinar

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