Molder sees 75% reduction in purge compound consumption with Dyna-Purge® D2.


Founded in 1965, Stoneridge, Inc. is a leading global electronics supplier to OEM vehicle markets.

The Lexington, Ohio (Hi-Stat) facility is their premier site for electronic sensors and switches.

Mr. Tim Holmes, Process Engineer, sought to reduce their consumption of commercial purging compound used to transition between colors and resins. He also wanted to reduce odors associated with purging at high temperatures needed for his specific resins.

The facility features 35 Toyo, Van Dorn and other make injection presses ranging from 70 to 300 tons. There are frequent changes for costly resins such as glass filled type 66 nylon, high-temp nylon and glass filled polypropylene.

With frequency of purging approaching 15 to 20 times daily for their resin changes, the opportunity to save resin, labor hours, as well as to reduce scrap generation, was significant.


Mr. Holmes selected Dyna-Purge D2, given its versatility for their wide range of resins and need for fast and aggressive cleaning of their screw/barrels systems.


  • Successfully achieved lower odor when purging – pleasing their operators.
  • 50% reduction in time needed to clean screw/barrel – resulting in large productivity gains.
  • 75% reduction in purge compound consumption – for significant monetary savings.
  • 60% total savings over previous purging method.
Dyna-Purge D2 Helps Molex Reduce Time and Scrap
Stoneridge realized significant savings in materials and labor, while reducing scrap, with Dyna-Purge D2.
Molex Uses Dyna-Purge D2 to Reduce Downtime
A wide range of resins are used by Stoneridge to manufacture a full line of electronic sensors and switches.