New Dyna-Purge® E2 tackles high temperature purging needs.

“Last year the people at Dyna-Purge sent me a sample of their high-temp purging compound known as E2,” explains Brent Borgerson, Senior Process Engineer at Matrix Tooling Inc./Matrix Plastic Products. “New Dyna-Purge® E2 proved to be every bit as effective as the former E grade, with the added advantage of being less sticky on molding machines with polished purge plates/shields.”


Matrix Tooling, Inc. & Matrix Plastic Products in Wood Dale, IL offer fully integrated services, including high quality injection molds and molded parts. Matrix specializes in intricate and tolerance-critical components for the medical, electronic, military and consumer product industries. The company runs the gamut of resins from low temperature such as PLA and other bio resins, acetals and elastomers in the 300°F range up to high temperature engineering resins, such as PEI and PEEK, which run in the 600°F – 700°F plus range.


“We use three grades of Dyna-Purge at Matrix; the P grade for low temp and hot runner applications; M grade for mid-temp resins; and the E grade for high temperature purging,” Brent Borgerson notes. “All are the most effective purging compounds that I have found for their respective applications, and also the most economical. These conclusions I have drawn after very extensive testing over many years.” “We gladly switched to New Dyna-Purge® E2,” says Brent Borgerson. “I wholeheartedly endorse this product; it is a welcome addition to the Dyna-Purge stable of purging compounds.”
Matrix Uses New Dyna-Purge E2
Matrix has added New Dyna-Purge® E2 to their lineup of engineered purging compounds from Dyna-Purge.
New Dyna_Purge E2 Tackles High Temperature
Matrix produces a wide variety of products and New Dyna-Purge® E2 tackles all their high temperature purging needs.