Using Dyna-Purge® E2, Injection Molder lowers purging costs by over 80%.


IDM (I Do Machining) provides high quality, rapid turnaround machining services for clients worldwide from their stateof-the-art shop in Elmira, NY. The company specializes in precision injection molding, working with a variety of resins for primarily the medical market. IDM utilizes BOY and Engel injection molding machines with 32mm screws, operating at barrel temperatures from 540° F to 700° F. Rick Kent, Manager at IDM, said the facility purges the equipment on a daily basis and runs a wide range of resins including LDPE, ABS, Nylon, PEEK and PPS. Running short runs of 100 to 200 parts was becoming costly, with high scrap rates, long machine downtimes, and lengthy changeovers.


Rick Kent noted that switching to Dyna-Purge® E2 has resulted in far less downtime and significantly lower scrap rates. “We had been using glass filled polycarbonate to purge which resulted in high fallout,” Kent explained. “Using Dyna-Purge® E2 lowers scrap rates from hundreds of parts to 20 or less for big savings.”


  • Purging times are reduced from about 1-1/2 hours to just 10 minutes
  • Scrap rates reduced from hundreds of parts to 20 or less
  • Total cost to purge reduced from nearly $370 to under $70
Dyna-Purge E2 Lowers Scrap Rates at IDM
Using Dyna-Purge® E2 on a daily basis for resin and color changes lowers scrap rates for big savings at IDM.
Dyna-Purge E2 Saves Money Per Purge
IDM saves as much as $300 per purge and reduces machine downtime by more than an hour per machine using Dyna-Purge® E2 in their state-of-the-art facility.