Dyna-Purge® M&K are recommended for use on Cincinnati Milacron injection molding equipment.


Cincinnati Milacron, Cincinnati, Ohio is a leading manufacturer of injection molding equipment. Ensuring proper maintenance of its machinery in the field is an issue for any manufacturer of capital equipment in order to minimize service costs and optimize customer satisfaction. Since purging plastics processing machinery is critical to both everyday and preventive maintenance, Cincinnati Milacron recently tested Dyna-Purge M and Dyna-Purge K to evaluate the suitability of these engineered purging compounds for use on its equipment. The injection molding machine used in the test featured an 80mm 24:1 barrier feed screw with a spiral mix-head and a ball check screw tip. The test material was a Polypropylene 30 melt, with blue concentrate. The test mold was an 11.5 oz. AC truck dash lens, two-cavity, with cold runner. The barrel temperature was set at 440°F (227°C). The machine ran 20 cycles with good color consistency before purging.


Test Dyna-Purge M, a versatile grade designed to purge injection molding systems for a wide range of resins at 350°F to 600°F (177°C to 315°C) and Dyna-Purge K for purging low-temp resins in the range of 290°F to 550°F (143°C to 287°C).


  • Both Dyna-Purge M and Dyna-Purge K proved to be a quality purging compound, fast and easy to use.
  • Using just 6.5 lbs. of Dyna-Purge, followed by 1 lb. of virgin polypropylene completely cleaned the machine – the subsequent first part was considered good, with no traces of blue color or the purging compound.
Dyna-Purge M And K Give Results
A leading manufacturer of injection molding equipment, Cincinnati Milacron evaluates and recommends maintenance procedures for its customers. The company successfully tested Dyna-Purge engineered purging compounds for its Powerline 500 robot plastics processing machine with excellent results.
Dyna-Purge M And K Clean All Color From Machine
Just 6.5 lbs. of Dyna-Purge cleaned all color from the machine: (1) Last part of 20 run, using blue color; (2) Last of Dyna-Purge compound; (3) First subsequent part using only virgin polypropylene.